Main process of blast furnace refractory products construction

October 09, 2018

Main process of blast furnace refractory products construction

Refractory masonry and and refractory construction for blast furnace can be divided into 13 main processes from bottom to top.

A. Construction of refractory castables and ramming mass under the bottom of the furnace.

B. The carbon glue at the bottom is pressed in the furnace so that the bottom of the furnace is combined with the ramming mass at the bottom of the furnace.

C. Full-spread leveling layer, carbon material filling, after the filling hole has been completely sealed and welded, the carbon material is transported to the construction site, and the preparation of the center line measurement is completed, the anthrax leveling is performed after the flat steel is divided. 

D. Masonry silicon carbide bricks. After the leveling construction is completed and up to the standard, the steel brackets and the supporting sleepers are installed, and then masonry is carried out from the center to the two ends, finally the filler in the reserved expansion joint is filled with tamping of pneumatic pick.

E. Full-filled carbon brick furnace bottom: Use special tools (vacuum chuck) to hoist the carbon bricks in place, according to the angle position specified in the construction drawings of each layer of carbon bricks, under the premise of ensuring safety and precision, adopt 50~70% carbon brick bonding material for masonry.

F. Masonry mixed furnace bottom: The construction is carried out by using the annular carbon brick support seat. After completion of this work, the furnace wall can be built.

G. Masonry hearth carbon bricks under the iron blocks.

H. Masonry tap hole with hearth wall.

I. Masonry hearth wall under the tuyere.

J. Masonry the tuyere with hearth wall.

K. Refractory bricks for furnace bosh and part of the furnace waist.

L. Refractory bricks for furnace body and part of the furnace waist.

M. Complete the construction of castable for furnace throat.

The above 13 parts can be constructed in stages according to different situations. When the furnace shell is designed with refractory brick support, measures can be taken to construct the furnace body section first, then the furnace bottom to the furnace waist section, and parallel water flow can be constructed at the same time.