What is a kiln? What are the characteristics of the kiln?

August 16, 2018
A kiln is a batch-fired glass melting furnace that melts glass in a crucible. The structure mainly includes a working room, a fire tube (small furnace), a combustion chamber, a leakage pit, a heat exchanger (or a regenerator) and the like. A plurality of crucibles are placed in the working chamber, and the batch materials are added to each crucible in batches to complete the melting process of the glass in sequence. When the forming is terminated, the batch is re-injected in batches for the next cycle of melting.
The kiln kiln occupies a small area, and the same kiln can melt a variety of different compositions or different colors of glass, and the flexibility of production is large. It is suitable for the production of glass with many varieties, small output, high quality requirements or special process requirements, such as color glass, crystal glass, optical glass, special glass and so on. However, the kiln has low productivity, high fuel consumption, low thermal efficiency, and is not easy to mechanize and automate production, and has high barrier loss.