Distinguish quality of high alumina bricks from color and single weight

October 11, 2018

Distinguish quality of high alumina bricks from color and single weight

High alumina brick is the most basic refractory brick in refractory products. It is mainly used in industrial furnaces such as iron and steel, steel making, hot blast stove, electric arc furnace roofs, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace and rotary kiln lining. High alumina brick mainly composed of high alumina bauxite, sillimanite minerals; artificial composition of materials, such as industrial alumina, mullite, electric fused corundum and so on.

High alumina bricks have the characteristics of good quality, high refractoriness and long service life. They are the primary refractory brick products used in industrial furnaces. The general unit can not correctly distinguish the quality and grade of high-aluminum bricks at the time of acquisition, resulting in a high price to buy low-grade goods, and then reduce the service life of the kiln, so here is a brief introduction from the color and single weight in the acquisition of high alumina bricks how to identify the quality of bricks.

Color: When purchasing high-alumina bricks, the color is the first priority. The surface of the high-alumina brick is lubricated,the color is yellow and white, the four sides are flat, no break angle, no cracks.

Single weight: To weigh the weight of a single brick, according to the component specification, the first grade high aluminum brick is 4.5 kg, the second grade is 4.2 kg, and the third grade is 3.9 kg, equal grade, equal parameter. Types of equal parameters that can reach this specification can be regarded as excellent high-aluminum bricks. If cracks, uneven corners, and broken corners are found, they are unqualified products.