What is the burning loss of glass kiln refractories?

August 24, 2018

The burning loss of the refractory of the glass kiln means that the refractory material will be melted (also called a burning stream) or softened and deformed under the action of a long time of high temperature. Some parts of the kiln are partially overheated or the refractory material of the refractory is not sufficiently refractory, and the refractory material is melted. Sometimes, the refractoriness is acceptable, but the load softening temperature is low. When used for a long time, the refractory material will soften and deform, which affects the stability and service life of the entire masonry. The severity of burnout depends on the temperature and the nature of the refractory material. The small furnace blasting port, the small furnace neck, the tongue, the regenerator chamber, the melting kiln and the chest wall are parts that are easily burnt.