How to package, transport and store refractory materials for glass melting furnaces?

August 22, 2018

1. Bricks must be clearly marked.

2. Refractory packaging should be in accordance with the contract requirements and implement the relevant standards.

3. Train transportation should use caravans or wagons that do not leak rain and snow tarpaulins.

4. Refractory materials enterprises must promptly notify the user of the date of departure, vehicle number, delivery type and quantity, and contract number when delivering, and submit product certification and test report at the same time.

5. Glass enterprises should set up special storage warehouses for refractory materials.

6. Refractory materials should be stored in the warehouse immediately after they arrive at the glass enterprise. It is strictly forbidden to store in the open air.

7. For time-sensitive refractory materials (such as alkaline materials and castables), the storage time should not be too long, and the specific time should be carried out according to the corresponding product standards.