What does refractory mean by high temperature creep? How to measure?

August 14, 2018
High temperature creep refers to the isothermal deformation of a product that undergoes stress changes at high temperatures over time. Due to the difference in applied external force, high temperature creep can be divided into high temperature compression creep, high temperature tensile creep, high temperature bending creep and high temperature torsional creep. Commonly used is high temperature compression creep.
The creep of refractory products shall be determined according to the national standard GB/T 5073-2005 refractory pressure creep test method.
The high temperature creep of refractory materials is related to the chemical mineral composition and microstructure, and also related to external factors during use, such as temperature, pressure, atmosphere, soot during use, molten metal, slag, etc. Erosion of materials, etc.
In order to improve the creep of the refractory material, it is important to improve its chemical mineral composition and fiber structure. It can take measures such as improving the purity of raw materials, formulating reasonable particle gradation, increasing molding pressure, appropriately increasing firing temperature and prolonging holding time.