In addition to the price of the product, what factors should be considered in addition to the price of the refractory?

August 18, 2018

Unshaped refractory material, also known as bulk refractory material, consists of bulk granules and fine powder. It does not need to be fired or formed before use. It can flexibly change the composition properties and processes of materials, such as the composition and particle size of refractory materials; the type and amount of binder; and additives (such as plasticizers, hardeners, hardeners, water reducers). The selection and adjustment of construction methods (casting, beating, spraying, projection, plastic construction, etc.) have made the refractory brick shape a big step in the development of large, dissimilar and integrated structures. It is called the second generation refractory material.


In addition to the price, the selection factors of refractory materials need to consider the following factors: longer service life; better insulation effect; simpler masonry and faster masonry speed; faster maintenance.