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Application of low cement castables

Application of low cement castables

Now we have a general understanding of low cement castable refractory, but how much do you know about the use of low cement castables?

1. The use temperature of low cement castables and ultra-low cement castables is higher than that of ordinary refractory castable of the same material.

2. Clay and high alumina low cement castable are used in various heat treatment furnaces and rotary kiln linings such as heating furnaces and soaking furnaces.

3. Low cement castables are used for various high temperature burner linings, heating furnace water cooling pipe linings, etc.

4. Corundum and chrome-bearing corundum low cement castables are used for lining of some parts of refining equipment outside the molten steel furnace, and also used for lining of power frequency induction furnace, high temperature wear-resistant lining of petrochemical catalytic cracking reactor, etc.

5. Low-cement castables are used as blast furnace tapping troughs, iron tapping tanks for iron furnaces, and integral powder guns for hot metal pretreatment.

In addition, the rapid development of low cement castables has replaced similar products abroad and has been used in various industrial furnaces and chemical construction industries. Among them, the high-strength, alkali-resistant and wear-resistant properties make it obvious to all who has used it.

There are three kinds of common low cement castables. The low one here is the cement content. The cement content of castables is as high as 10~30%, and the cement content of low cement castables is between 3% and 8%. Then there is also the content of 1% called ultra-low cement castable, and the last one is pouring without cement. It is called no-cement castable.