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Castable Refractory For CFB Boiler

August 20, 2018

Circulating Fluidized bed boiler technology is a highly efficien,low pollution and clean combustion technology developed rapidly in the last decade. The use of CFB boiler can bot be separated from the auxiliary support of refractory materials,so the choice of refractory materials for circulating fluidized bed boilers is very important.Today we will briefly introduce some of castable refractory that are often used in CFB boilers.

1.Mico-expansion wear resistant refractory plastic: Micro-expansion,wear resistant refractory plastic is made up of a certain grade of refractory aggregate as raw material, and a appropriate amount of kyanite powder binder is added in a certain proportion. It has good plasticity at room temperature,micro-expansion at high temperature, high strength after high temperature,good sealing performance and convenient construction.It is widely used in metallurgy,petrochemical, electric power etc.It is especially suitable for power plant circulating fluidized bed boiler.

2.High strength steel fiber wear resistant castable: High strength steel fiber wear resistant castable refractory is based on high aluminum clinker corundum as aggregate and powder, and adding suitable heat resistant stainless steel fiber and trace additives to make hydraulic refractory castable. It has excellent resistance to rapid cooling and heat, high strength, high temperature resistance,impact resistance, thermal shock resistance etc. It is mainly suitable for high temperature and vulnerable parts of metallurgical building materials and circulating fluidized bed boilers.

3.High strength high alumina castable refractory: one kind of low cement castable refractory with cement content less than 8%. Unlike ordinary castable, most of calcium aluminate cement in the matrix is replaced by ultrafine powder, at the same time,an appropriate amount of additives is added.A product that meets and exceeds the performance of conventional castable,it’s characterized by low cement content, improved product refractoriness, high temperature strengthand slag resistance,increased compact density,reduced porosity, increased strength with the increase of temperature during heating. It is mainly applicable to circulating fluidized bed boiler.