How to overtake refractory materials in bend under the new trend of economic development?

February 15, 2019

The requirements for clean steel smelting, green steel industry and energy conservation and emission reduction have placed higher demands on the refractory industry. In recent years, the performance and application of refractories have been characterized by specialization, diversification, refinement, high efficiency and low consumption. Faced with the new trend of economic development, refractory production enterprises must seize the opportunity to achieve transformation and upgrading.

How to overtake refractory materials in bend under the new trend of economic development

1. Develop economical refractory raw materials

At present, the refractory industry and the steel industry related to the refractory raw material industry chain are in the period of limited production and production stoppage, and the high-price bidding has become the direction mark of the supply chain relationship. At the same time, some high-grade natural mineral raw materials, such as high-alumina bauxite, are gradually depleted, ore grades are declining and quality fluctuations are increasing. The technical allocation route to improve performance by high-grade raw materials and reduce cost by low-cost raw materials has gradually come to an end, therefore, economical refractory raw materials and products will become a major trend. We must reconsider the scientificality, rationality and adaptability of raw materials and products, optimize the allocation of raw materials, and make them more cost-effective.

2. Look for diversified refractory raw materials

The materials, forms and characteristics of the raw materials are diversified. From the development of two-phase composite raw materials to the synthesis of multi-phase composite raw materials, it is necessary to consider not only balancing the comprehensive performance, but also taking into account the gradient function of the materials, strengthening the surface treatment, and adopting the differential design that is more conducive to internal and external components. It will realize the positive effect of in-situ reaction formation at the interface.

The current trend of economic development is the slowdown in economic growth. At the same time, it also includes the improvement of the quality of economic growth. The impact of new economic development trends on the refractory industry will be far-reaching and long-term. For refractory enterprises, this trend is stress, challenge, but more opportunity. The refractory industry should seize opportunities, accelerate structural adjustment, improve technological innovation capabilities and increase industrial concentration, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the refractory industry.