Solutions to fast damage of ladle lining refractory materials

January 04, 2019

Ladle generally refers to steel ladle, which is used in steel making plants and foundries to undertake molten steel and pouring operation before pouring furnaces, electric furnaces or converters. The ladle is mainly composed of cladding, refractory lining and SN mechanism. Nowadays, with the continuous development of metallurgical technology, the increase of smelting temperature and continuous casting ratio, the residence time of the molten steel in the ladle is prolonged. Therefore, the use conditions of the ladle lining directly affect the production process of the steel making.

In order to make the ladle lining refractory materials have a longer service life, we must be aware of what erosion or stress of the external and internal factors of the lining of the ladle.




The slag line position of the ladle has always been an important factor affecting the service life of the ladle, and its service life determines the using time of the ladle. During the process of transporting molten steel, the slag line is eroded by molten steel at 1680℃and molten slag. The ladle continuously carries out the process of loading steel and tapping water, the refractory materials of the ladle lining is subjected to the change of the hot and cold temperature. The quenching and hot working environment is liable to cause the refractory lining material to peel off and crack, resultingin the damage of refractory materials. When the bottom of the ladle is installed in the molten steel, the molten steel falls from a high place, directly forms mechanical scouring and thermal shock force on refractories at ladle bottom.

In addition to these physical effects, the refractory materials lining of the ladle are also subject to chemical erosion of molten steel and slag, such as the viscosity of molten steel and slag, the residence time of the molten steel in the ladle and so on. Different smelting steel grades have different degrees of erosion and damage to refractory formation. These erosion form a thick metamorphic layer on the surface of the liner for a long time. When the temperature changes drastically, the metamorphic layer will peel off from the brick layer and then begin to erode the next layer.

Therefore, according to the analysis of these factors in the ladle, Jundao New Materials Co., Ltd. has developed refractory materials suitable for lining of ladle, has the ability to resist slag penetration and prevent excessive slag erosion. It is also recommended to increase the viscosity of slag during use process, can slow down the penetration of the slag into the lining refractory layer.