Non-ferrous metallurgy-Choose of important masonry materials for aluminum electrolytic cell

July 15, 2018

The aluminum electrolytic cell is the main thermal equipment for aluminum electrolysis production. Electrolytic aluminum is a process of converting aluminum from alumina into metal aluminum. The main principle is to use cryolite and alumina melt as electrolyte,carbon materials as two poles,direct current through anode to electrolyte and aluminum liquid layer, and then derived from the cathode. In recent years, prebaked anode aluminum electrolysis cell have been widely used in the non-ferrous metals industry.

Selection of important masonry materials for aluminum electrolytic cell

1. Calcium silicate board

A new type of white,hard insulation material has the characteristics of low bulk density, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, can cut and saw.

2.Fireclay insulation refractory brick

Lightweight,heat insulation, low thermal conductivity. The heat insulation material without melt and non-erosion masonry is used at 900-1000℃.

3.Clay refractory brick

The electrolytic cell uses clay grade index not less than N-4, high strength, high refractoriness and good chemical resistance.

4. Dry barrier mix

It’s mainly used for the bottom of electolytic cell and the lower part of the cathode magnetic block.It adopts dry vibration molding,it can react with electrolyte leakage along the gap of chathode magnetic block and produce a kind of high viscosity liquid phase. It can effectively prevent further leakage of electrolyte and achieve the purpose of preventing leakage, thus reducing the disadvantages of electrolysis cell current efficiency due to continuous leakage of electrolytes and prolonging the electrolytic cell service life.

5. High strength impermeable castable refractory

The raw material are made of anti-leakage materials,scientific mix, introducing additives and medium temperature reinforcing agent, are mixed and compressed by mixer. It has strong anti leakage ability,high temperature resistance, excellent thermal shock ability, strong durability and easy construction.

6.Cathodic carbon block

The cathode carbon block is built at the bottom of the electrolytic cell, also called the bottom carbon block. The cathode carbon block acts as a both a conductor and a lining of the electrolytic cell.The aluminum electrolysis production requires the cathode carbon block has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good conductivity, good thermal shock resistance,which is beneficial to the energy saving and the improvement of cell life of aluminum electrolytic.