Why castable precast blocks have more advantages in construction?

July 20, 2018

Castable precast blocks also called refractory prefab. The production method is to choose refractory castable or plastic due to the customer’s requirements. After full mixing, it is poured into prefabricated moulds and formed by vibration and beating.After molding, it is placed in a constant temperature and humidity room for maintenance. The maintenance time generally takes 3 days.

In industrial furnaces and thermal equipment, the use of prefabricated block has many advantages that ordinary refractory brick masonry can not achieve. The castable precast blocks have better application performance and superior construction advantages than the usual castable refractory. The main feature are as follows,

1. Cold crushing strength

Compared with conventional products, the castable precast block has a higer refractoriness, which is about 2 times higher.

2. Good thermal shock resistance

The thermal shock resistance of the castable parecast block is improved by 8 to 10 times.

3. Excellent wear resistance

The wear resistance of the castable precast block is superior to the ultra low cement castable with the same material.

4. Save time for masonry

No need for on site pouring,no need to support and dismantle molds,no construction tools. The molding parts are sent to the site and only on-site installation and combination,it’s very convenient and quick. The construction process time is greatly reduced, and the quality is stable,not subject to on-site construction conditions and human factors, and the supplier provides effective guarantee for production.

5. save maintenance and bake time

the suppliers have completed the various links of pouring,curing, drying and baking in advance, saving a lot of curing and baking process time,effectively solving the problem of the cracking of the castable material caused by the rapid heating up of the spot ignition, and convenient for the users to use.

6. Free from ambient temperature

Cement kiln has a wide range of temperature in different countries and seasons in the world. During construction, some countries have high temperature ranging from 43 to 48℃,while some countries have a low temperature of below 30℃ below. The temperature difference between the South and the North is larger in our country, and the construction of the castable is limited by the ambient temperature. In order to ensure the normal construction and guarantee the quality of the construction.Castable precast blocks can be installed in any environment.

7. Easy to replace and disassemble

It is very convenient to replace and disassemble in actual production. Which piece of prefabricated block can replace the damaged parts directly, just like replacing the equipment parts, can complete the replacement in a very short time, and realize the desire to replace instant ignition immediately.

8. Longer storage period

Unshaped refractories usually have a shorter storage period, and only a few months in dry conditions, which prefabricated blocks greatly prolong the storage period, which is expected to be up to several years.

9. Longer service life

The performance of unshaped refractory material greatly affected by on-site construction conditions and human factors.If the amount of water added is too much, porosity enlarge,the strength decreases or the failure of vibration, resulting in the reduction of strength and so on, which will affect the service life. The prefabricated block overcome these shortcomings, and perdict life expectancy by 2~3 times, saving investment, energy saving and environment protection. The refractory supplier in the United States, through a series of tests, suggested that impact resistance of the precast block was 10 times higher than ordinary material, and the wear resistance was superior to the same grade of ultra-low cement. At present, some refractory enterprises in China have pre-casted the castables to the kiln guard plate in advance,and after being baked at low temperature, they are sent to the site and installed directly,and the service life is more than 2 years.