What are the refractories for the new dry process cement kiln?

September 03, 2018

What are the refractories for the new dry process cement kiln?

The new dry process cement kiln has the characteristics of higher kiln temperature, faster kiln speed, more serious alkali corrosion, complex structure and higher energy-saving requirements, which promotes the comprehensive updating of the refractory product and its use technology.

Generally speaking, in large SP kilns and PC kilns: directly combined with magnesia-chrome brick for firing zone, spinel brick or magnesia-chrome brick with better thermal shock resistance, but easy to hang kiln skin for transition zone, high alumina bricks are used for the decomposition zone, heat-insulating alkali-resistant clay bricks or ordinary clay bricks are used for the rear of the kiln barrels, and refractory castable or suitable refractory bricks are used for the front and back  kiln mouths;

In the preheater system: ordinary alkali-resistant clay bricks and alkali-resistant castables are used for vault roof, high-strength alkali-resistant clay bricks are used for tertiary air ducts, and with a large number of refractory castables. A series of insulating fireclay bricks and calcium silicate plates are used in the kiln door cover and cooler system. In addition to the above-mentioned materials, it is also equipped with silicon carbide bricks and silicon carbide composite bricks; series of heat insulation bricks, refractory castables, calcium silicate boards and refractory fiber materials , in 7 categories of more than 30 kinds of refractory materials.