Does the boiler lining use corundum castable refractory or corundum brick?

August 22, 2018

Does the boiler lining use corundum castable refractory or corundum brick? If consider the price, performance, construction, it is recodmmened to use corundum castable refractory, why not recommend corundum brick,let’s find out the reasons,

Corundum castable refractory and corundum bricks have various advantages and characteristics. Corundum castables refractory are dry mixed bulk materials, storage time is about 6 months, but the price is cheap. Corundum brick are shaped refractory materials,the shape has beedn solidified,and the internal performance is stable. It can be stored for a long time, but the price is high.

What is corundum castable refractory?

The corundum castable refractory is an amorphous refractory with more than 85% of Al2O3 content. The high grade bauxite clinker or fused brown corundum is used as the aggregate, and the refractory powder, pure calcium aluminate cement binder and silica are added. Prepared by micropowder and admixture.

There are many varieties of corundum series refractory castables, such as high strength wear resistant corundum steel fiber type, corundum silicon carbide, chrome corundum, zirconium corundum castables etc.These products are constructed by pouring method, can aslo be made into prefabricated blocks, construction and installation are convenient and quick.

What is corundum brick?

Corundum brick is a refractory product with high alumina content and corundum as the main crystal phase. It has a very high cold crushing strength, high refractoriness under load starts at termperatures (≥1700℃).Good chemical stability, strong resistance to acid or alkaline slag, metal and glass. The thermal stability is related to its structure, and the dense product has good corrosion resistance but poor thermal stability.

Corundum castable refractory are often used for the lining of large boilers such as power plant boilers (circulating fluidized bed boilers, pulverized coal boilers), as well as incinerators and industrial boilers. Why not choose corundum bricks? There are the following points:1. Corundum brick is expensive, the masonry construction is used, ash seam easy wear, the brick belong to high temperature sintering mold,which will speed up the wear and tear. 2. Corundum castable refractory are cheap,adopt the same pouring construction, no seam, and have good overall air tightness,in use, the surface layer can be gradually sintered, form crystal phase, wear-resistant and mutually circulate, which is why the power plant boiler lining operation cycle up to 3-5 years.