What are the repair methods for the bottom of the electric furnace?

October 08, 2018

What are the repair methods for the bottom of the electric furnace?

When the electric furnace bottom ramming mass is used for a certain period of time, due to various reasons, the bottom of the electric furnace will be damaged to varying degrees, so the lining should be repaired according to the damage of the lining.

(1) The thermal repair is performed once every certain period in the smelting process, but the dynamics of the bottom of the furnace must be carefully observed after tapping of each furnace steel. It is necessary to repair the pit when the depth is greater than 150 mm.

(2) Purify the repaired surface with oxygen before repairing (immediately after tapping steel and slag), and completely remove the residual steel residue in the part.

(3) Lift the ramming mass to the top of the area to be repaired and move the crane to make it distributed reasonably.

(4) Dip the iron block or other heavy objects to compact.

(5) It should be emphasized that if the bottom and the slope of the furnace are repaired in a large area, in order to ensure the service life after repair, shorten the repairing times and reduce the consumption of per ton of steel for dry ramming mass, the first furnace steel after hot repairing can be smelted refer to “The new furnace smelting operation requirements”.