Advantages of composite lining for heating furnace

March 20, 2019

The heating furnace lining adopts multi-layer light-weight high-strength composite structure, which is much superior to the traditional brick-lined lining, mainly in the following aspects:

Advantages of composite lining for heating furnace

(1) The integrity and stability of lining are enhanced. Due to the large number of unshaped refractory castables used as working layer, it is integrally cast or beaten, no brick joints, good integrity, air tightness, and increased stability of anchor brick connection lining, resistance to mechanical vibration and impact reinforcement, furnace life is extended, work efficiency is improved, and labor intensity is reduced.

(2) A large number of unshaped refractories are used to reduce the brick making process. The production and delivery cycle of refractory materials is greatly shortened. The furnace construction period is advanced.

(3) Multi-layer insulation lining can increase the insulation performance, improve thermal efficiency and save energy. Due to the large use of lightweight insulation materials (light insulation bricks, refractory ceramic fibers, etc.), the thermal conductivity of the lining is reduced, the heat insulation performance is improved, and the heat preservation effect is enhanced. Reduced heat loss. Increased heat utilization and reduced production costs.

(4) The weight of the lining structure is reduced, and the engineering cost is reduced. Compared with the traditional brick lining, the quality of the composite lining is reduced by about 40% under the same scale, which greatly reduces the cost of refractories used in the furnace and

Because the composite furnace lining has the above characteristics, it is widely used in the heating furnace. Therefore, it is an urgent matter for furnace construction enterprises to improve the construction technology level of heating furnace.