High Strength Insulation Castable Refractory

August 06, 2018

High-strength insulation castable is a cement-based composite one-component dry mortar, which is prepared from high-strength cement, mineral admixture, high-strength aggregate and anti-cracking anti-wear agent. The high-strength insulation castable material can be used by adding water and stirring at the site, and the construction and the workability are good. A certain thickness of the anti-wear layer is formed on the surface of the silo or the ore tank by artificial plastering, and the technical requirements can be met after normal curing, and the wear resistance is achieved. It has high bonding strength with basic concrete (steel silo), strong impact resistance, high compressive strength, good durability and long service life. High-strength insulation castables are specially used for slag ditch, ore tank, unloading coal tank, lower hopper, material lining anti-wear layer, water conservancy and hydropower, port terminal, etc. in metallurgy, coal, thermal power, chemical industry, cement and other industries. The anti-wear layer of the floodgate and discharge hopper serves to protect the foundation concrete (or steel silo).

High strength insulation castable application range:
1. The lining anti-wear layer of slag ditch, ore tank, silo, etc. in metallurgy and mining system.
2. Lining anti-wear layer of coal system, thermal power plant, coal unloading tank in coal coking plant, coal hopper, material silo (including steel silo).
3. The anti-wear layer of the cylinder, hopper, wall and other lining of cement, chemical and other systems.
4. Concrete anti-wear layer with anti-scour and anti-wear requirements such as water conservancy and hydropower and port terminals.