What is the structure of the cement kiln system lining?

October 12, 2018

What is the structure of the cement kiln system lining?

The lining of the cement kiln system consists of insulation layer and working layer.

The working layer lining directly contacts with the high temperature flue gas and the raw materials, kiln materials and clinker, and directly bears the effects of heat, chemical and mechanical stress.

The function of the insulation layer is to prevent heat from being conducted outward. Under normal working conditions, the insulation layer is indirectly contact with high-temperature hot flue gas and materials in the system, bearing various stresses.

The external surface area of the equipment barrel of cement kiln firing system is large, and all equipment must be provided with a thermal insulation layer except for special circumstances. The insulation layer is disposed between the working layer and the cylinder, and the thickness needs to be determined after the systematic heat transfer calculation of the liner. The insulation layer should be set as far as possible to avoid direct contact with the dusty hot flue gas, and the lining is firm and easy to construct. The material of the insulation layer must have low thermal conductivity, withstand high working temperature, to a certain extent withstand the corrosion of alkali sulfur compounds, and have a certain strength.