Refractory Castable Construction Precautions

July 25, 2018

The suitable construction environment temperature of refractory castable is 10~25℃.When the ambient temperature is over 30℃ in summer, in order to avoid the quality problems of quick setting and coagulation of castable refractory, the following measures should be taken for construction:

1. Add water according to the required amount, otherwise the strength will be greatly reduced, affecting the service life.

2. Mix with clean water PH value 6~8, and the mixer should be clean.

3.The materials from mixing to vibration forming time is best controlled within 30min, and the mix for 3min to uniformly,then can  discharge the materials.The discharging process should be fast, and it is not easy to mix for a long time.

4.When the materials is mixed, it should be molded as much as possible. Do not mix it in succession. In particular, the material that prevents the initial setting state from being placed for a long time,once mixed into the new material, will quickly cause the coagulation of the new material. 

5. The castable refractory with coagulant should not be used( no fluidity), it’s wrong to add more water to coagulant and continue to use it.