Necessity and Operation Precautions for Drying Refractory Brick and Castable

August 10, 2018

The necessity of drying refractory bricks and castable refractory

After the refractory brick and castables of the cement clinker firing system are completely, there is a heating and drying process before the raw material feeding and running, to avoid direct ignition and rapid heating,so that the refractory brick,castable refractory and brick seam mortar are suddenly heated to cause heat collapse and delamination peeling, which affects the life of the lining.

So it’s necessary to dry refractory brick after the empty operation of the equipment of the cement clinker firing system, or after the system is shut down or maintenance.

Precautions for drying refractory brick and castable refractory 

1. Stable fuel injectin, coal injection combustion flame, no black smoke.

2. Prevent sintered refractories from undergoing severe local overheating.

3. Prevent adverse effects on the supporting device by uneven heating deformation and thermal expansion of the kiln cylinder.

4. Always pay attention to temperature of the kiln body, kiln rear and outlet of first class cyclone.

5. Closely monitor the bearing lubrication condition and bearing temperature of kiln support wheel, hydraulic block wheel and reducer etc.

6. The temperature rise of the system should not deviate much from the proposed drying temperature rise curve requirements,and pay attention to turning the kiln at the right time.

7. During drying process, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of fuel injection and coal injection, and the adjustment range of the opening of all kinds of doors should not be too large, so as to avoid overheating and overloading and damage the inner lining or equipment.