Advantages and uses of corundum self-flowing castables

August 24, 2018

The corundum self-flowing castables are made of high-quality mullite, high alumina bauxite, corundum, silicon carbide and other synthetic materials, and are equipped with various admixtures, superplasticizers and flow agents to improve the material flow.


The main advantages of corundum self-flowing castables:

1. Has good corrosion resistance

2. Excellent thermal shock stability

3. High thermal intensity

4. Micro-expansion can reduce the gap and avoid the penetration of molten steel

5. The fluidity can be adjusted, and even the narrow gap can realize the self-flow filling

6. Not affected by reducing gases such as H2 and CO. Gas permeable brick and seat tile gap filling


Main use of corundum self-flowing castables:

1. Filling the triangle of the furnace cover

2. The upper edge of the ladle

3. Vacuum degassing steel cover

4. The bottom of the intermediate bag is filled

5. The bottom of the ladle is filled with gaps