In 2019, steel industry will continue to consolidate the achievements of reducing iron and steel industrial capacity

March 01, 2019

On January 4th, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China pointed out that 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The steel industry should continue to focus on supply-side structural reforms, improve supply quality as the main direction, consolidate the achievements of reducing iron and steel industrial capacity, strengthen the market vitality of steel enterprises, improve the supply level of the industrial chain, unblock the ability to protect the national economy, and promote the steel industry's development in China from large to strong.

steel industry will continue to consolidate the achievements of reducing iron and steel industrial capacity

1. Consolidate achievements of reducing iron and steel industrial capacity

Supporting key provinces to de-capacity, urging local governments to remove inefficient production capacity. Strictly check the capacity replacement, carry out special spot checks on the capacity replacement program, maintain the high-pressure situation on irregularities and violations of the steel production capacity, and strengthen the negative warnings to continuously consolidate the hard-won development of the industry.

2. Optimize the layout of the steel industry

Gradually optimize the layout of national steel production capacity, study and formulate policies and measures to guide the development of short-process steel making, encourage the transformation of blast furnace-converter long-flow enterprises into electric furnace short-flow enterprises, guide the orderly development of EAF steels, and promote the optimization of technological structure of steel industry.

3. Promote iron and steel industry standard management

In response to the new situation and new requirements, a number of standardized management measures should be timely initiated and revised to continuously improve the standardized management of enterprises. More market-oriented, rule-of-law measures are adopted, industry management methods and methods are constantly improved, bringing together all forces of the government, associations, enterprises to jointly safeguard the market environment for fair competition in the steel industry.

4. Focus on promoting high quality development of steel industry

Taking steel new materials, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing as the starting point, we will increase the work of steel materials to complement the shortcomings, continuously improve the quality and level of steel supply in China, and promote the steel products to move toward the middle and high end.

5. Pay attention to steel materials to fill the short board

We will further strengthen investigation and research and top-level construction, promote the construction of demonstration platforms for the production and application of advanced offshore and high-tech marine materials, and promote the breakthrough application of a number of new steel materials.