In the new year, the refractory industry should set sail and move forward.

February 18, 2019

New Year has just passed, but the factory's machines have begun to roar, and refractory material industry are not far behind, ready to make even greater achievements in the new year. But talk is cheap, how can the refractory industry sail in the future?

Nowadays, the environmental protection policy is becoming more and more strict, and the implementation of policies is increasing. As a refractory industry with high temperature pollution, we should adapt to the trend, accelerate structural adjustment, improve technological innovation capability, enhance industrial concentration, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.


In the new year, the refractory industry should set sail and move forward.


1. Grasp the new opportunities for environmental optimization of corporate restructuring policies and improve industrial concentration.

Refractory enterprises, especially the dominant enterprises, must firmly grasp the favorable opportunity of shifting the market resource allocation to the advantageous enterprises and optimizing the policy environment for joint restructuring, actively promote the joint reorganization of cross regional and ownership systems, expand the reorganization results, and increase the production concentration.

2. Seize the new opportunities for the transformation from economies of scale to innovations.

Over the past decade, the output of refractory materials has increased substantially, and the production capacity has expanded year by year. As a result, overcapacity, market disorder, low efficiency, and low quality of operation. Therefore, production enterprises should increase investment in scientific research, integrate research and development resources, strengthen technical research and development cooperation with scientific research institutions and universities, form a technological innovation model for integration of production, education and research, improve the independent innovation capability of enterprises, and strive to achieve the transformation from economies of scale to innovation and quality type.

3. Hold the new opportunities for product demand structure changes.

Refractories manufacturers should have a deep understanding of the impacts and opportunities brought about by the new normal, closely follow the changes in market demand, actively expand new areas of the refractory market, and continuously meet the new requirements of the refractory market.