Application of Unshaped Refractory Materials in Nonferrous Metallurgy

July 09, 2018

The aluminum smelting reverberatory furnace is a large refractory material consumption in the aluminum plant. The refractory materials for the hearth has changed from brickwork to integral structure.The refractory material in contact with the hot face of the hearth is usually plastic ,phosphate-bonded brick and low-cement castable refractory, the hot surface refractory composition of the lower side wall is usually the same as the hearth, and the insulating material can be used of lightweight insulating castables, insulating brick and ceramic fiber.The top material is usually used high quality refractory materials such as ramming, castable refractory. The furnace door is usually used of dense castable or lightweight refractory castable, or it can be casted with the two mixtures.

In electrolytic aluminum smelting, unshaped refractories are mainly used in aluminum barrel. The refractory materials in aluminium barrel are required erosion of aluminum liquid, which can withstand the effects of quenching and rapid heat, good insulation performance. The non-working lining of the aluminum bucket generally adopts lightweight castable refractory or lightweight high alumina brick. If the aluminum liquid in the aluminum bucket is to be placed for a long time, the insulating castable is usually used to solidify the aluminum liquid during transportation. In order to reduce the weight of the tank and strengthen the insulation effect, the non-working lining is made of alumina hollow ball refractory castable. The working lining generally made of high alumina brick with low SiO2.Now some tanks are made of corundum refractory.

In the copper smelting industry, the basic refractory materials are widely used in the refining furnace because of the strong erosion of the CuO as a component of the slag.For example, all parts of reverberatory furnace, converter, flash furnace are alkaline. Magnesia-chrome bricks or alkaline ramming mass based on MgO, especially for repairing furnaces. Refining parts can be used aluminum silicate refractories such as castable, plastic, spray coating and high alumina bricks due to the decrease in slag volume and temperature.