Environmentally friendly tap-hole mud

Environmentally friendly tap-hole mud


This product uses a new type of composite binder and admixture to improve the quality of the tap-hole mix and stabilize the performance.
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Product Details

This product uses a new type of composite binder and admixture to improve the quality of the tap-hole mix and stabilize the performance.

1. Rapid sintering, high strength, no shrinkage and deformation, and strong bonding between the old and new tap-hole mix.

2. It is not easy to cause mud gun breakage, wet tap hole, and penetration of molten iron.

3. Effectively control the expansion of the taphole aperture during the tapping process.

4. Stabilize the tapping time, reduce the iron splash, ensure the depth of the taphole, and protect the lining in the taphole area of the blast furnace.

5. During the use process, less smoke, environmental protection, reduce the physical damage to workers, which is conducive to improving the working environment in front of the furnace.


Chemical content (%) Al2O3  ≥ 50 30 25
SiC  ≥ 17 11 8
F.C  ≥ 6 9 13
Cold crushing strength (MPa) ≥ 300℃×24h  ≥ 3.5 3 2
1350℃×3h  ≥ 13 10.5 8.5
Linear change rate (%) ±            1450℃×3h 1.65 1.8 2
Bulk density (g/cm3) ≥     110℃×24h   1.8 1.75 1.65
Remark The specification is just for reference only. The real products will be tailored to special operation conditions and customer’s special requirements.


Environmentally friendly tap-hole mud


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