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Covering agent

The ladle covering agent produced by our company has a mature process.

The ladle covering agent produced by our company has a mature process.


The product is non-toxic, tasteless and less polluted; easy to use, no slag hanging, no sticking; good spreading and covering, good heat preservation and reducing heat loss; good for eliminating iron slag, improving molten iron quality and reducing steel scrap rate. It is a new technology and process to solve the problems of poor quality of molten iron, low utilization rate of molten metal and high energy consumption.


Mainly used for hot metal ladle (torpedo) insulation and surface covering anti-oxidation of hot metal.


Features of covering agent:

1. Non-toxic, tasteless, less pollution.

2. Easy to use, no slag hanging and no sticking.

3. Good spreading and covering, strong insulation and heat preservation, less heat loss and less cooling of hot metal.

4. The product has moderate alkalinity, does not pollute molten iron, and can also adsorb inclusions in molten iron.

5. Improve the quality of molten iron, reduce the scrap rate of steel.


Composition Al2O3 SiO2 CaO C Composite agent Refractoriness(℃)
Content (%) ≥10 ≥20 ≥15 ≥30 ≤10 1680
Remark This specification is just for reference. The real products will be tailored to special operation conditions and customers' special requirements.


Covering agent


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