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Gunning mix for hot metal mixer
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Gunning mix for hot metal mixer

The usual maintenance of the metal mixer is mainly spray cleaning. The working nature of the mixed iron furnace determines the harshness of spray cleaning environment.

The hot metal mixer is a thermal equipment for storing molten iron in a steel mill to homogenize the temperature and composition of the molten iron. The lining material of hot metal mixer is easy to be damaged due to the action of molten iron scouring, slag erosion, temperature change and large load vibration for a long time. In particular, the slag line, the corner of the front wall and the exit area are weak links, which can easily lead to partial abnormality of hot metal mixer, even forced to stop the overhaul, which seriously affects the normal production of steel making, so the maintenance in peacetime is very important.


The usual maintenance of the metal mixer is mainly spray cleaning. The working nature of the mixed iron furnace determines the harshness of spray cleaning environment.


Our company provides special gunning mix for mixing furnaces with high adhesion rate and long service life.



1. Good slag resistance, both acid and alkaline slag resistant

2. Good thermal shock resistance

3. Resistance to hot metal scouring and peeling

4. Reduce the number of spraying repairs and the labor intensity of workers

5. Improve the service life of the metal mixer


Item Al2O3 (%) SiC (%) Bulk density (g/cm3) 110℃×24h Compressive strength(MPa)110℃×24h Linear change rate (%) 1200℃×24h
Index 72 4.3 2.45 23.2 -0.1
Remark The specification is just for reference only. The real products will be tailored to special operation conditions and customer’s special requirements.


Gunning mix for hot metal mixer


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